It’s always rewarding and deeply gratifying to discover how much you are appreciated when clients give positive feedback. Here’s what a few clients have to say about the services I have provided.



“I have worked with David in Hyatt for 15 years and was very impressed with his adaptability in different regions and being cognizant to regional business nuances. He is one of the operators, whom I found with astute financial acumen, good people understanding and was respected by owners and the management company alike. His varied operational exposure, well supported by his knowledge base equips him to drive any hotel or service enterprise towards financial and operational excellence.”
Kamal Atal - Hotel Real Estate and Asset Management
“Mr Mansfield is one of the most brilliant leaders I have reported to. I have personally learnt and gained a lot of hotel and people insights from him. I evolved as a manager under his guidance and experience.”
Gopinath Gopalan - General Manager at Hyatt Hotels Corporation Hyderabad India
“I have had the opportunity to work with David on two assignments (Mumbai and Dubai), directly reporting to him. David is probably one of the most decentralized leaders I have ever worked with. His benchmarks are based on realistic objectives and precedence and he will let you thrive within your remit with your strategies as long as they meet/deliver the desired objectives. He can be a stickler for details when you have to sell him the strategy but once sold, you will have his unconditional support. He tends to call a spade a spade and often, can be perceived as a very tough individual by people meeting him for the first time. On the contrary, he is very caring, takes every opportunity to surprise you with care and is a strong advocate for his team.”
Shaji Thomas - Executive Director Destination Tourism Development at Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority
“It’s been an honour to work under the guidance of Mr Mansfield. His business acumen is
outstanding. The best part is his way of doing business is to look at the big picture and not on the short term gain. As a result one gets to see the ethical as well as profitable strategy in the making. Because of his focus on the long term he is always committed to people development and mentoring of talent in the organisation. I will always cherish my tenure in Grand Hyatt Mumbai under his leadership.”
Ruby Pande - Executive Housekeeper at Pullman Dubai JLT